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Dear Family,


In this time of so much pain and loss, I felt it incumbent upon me to write unto you. First, let me say that our God has not, nor will he, forsake you. Because of the current circumstances around us, we are all called to make wise choices.


I am well aware that there are a lot of conflicting messages being published about what we should and should not do. We are not in a situation that lends itself to doing away with caution. Social media has many different opinions.


Let me share what it is that we must do. Concern ourselves with our health and the health of those who come into contact with us. Let us keep following the advice of the CDC, infectious disease experts, medical doctors, and scientists. Thank God that we now have vaccines available. Dismiss any conspiracy theories floating around. This is a vaccine that we all need! Please, don't be afraid to receive it. I, myself, will receive my second dose within the new few weeks. 


Until it is safe to change, we will continue to function as we have up until now. God bless you! I love you all.


Yours in Christ,

Pastor Cooper

About Us

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We are a Bible-centered fellowship of Christian believers who are led by God and guided by the Holy Spirit to follow sound Scriptural doctrine.

We pray that our website will be useful and informative for you to get to know who we are and what we believe.


We invite you to share in a Christian worship experience with us by visiting during our Sunday worship services.


For those seeking a permanent church home, we hope that you will consider St. Matthew as you make that important spiritual decision. Additionally, if you are temporarily in our community and need a “home away from home” place of worship, we offer a WatchCare program. Or, if you just want a family-oriented environment to worship and praise God, we extend a warm invitation to visit St. Matthew: 

A Fellowship of  Believers Where Everybody is Somebody and Christ is King!

“A Fellowship of  Believers Where everybody is Somebody and Christ is King”

To all who would know God and His will. To all who would live and serve to make a Christian world. To all who seek comfort and would find rest. To old and young, wise and unlearned, rich and poor, saint and sinner, this church opens its doors and in the name of Jesus Christ bid welcome to our Father's House.

Due to the global Coronavirus Pandemic and event size restrictions, St. Matthew will only have Virtual Worship Services until further notice.