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“A Fellowship of  Believers Where everybody is Somebody and Christ is King”

To all who would know God and His will. To all who would live and serve to make a Christian world. To all who seek comfort and would find rest. To old and young, wise and unlearned, rich and poor, saint and sinner, this church opens its doors and in the name of Jesus Christ bid welcome to our Father's House.

For times like these:

Words from the late Rev. Dr. Gardner C. Taylor

He says that, life is sometimes filled with interludes of disappointment and sorrow. There are times in life when the days seem hardly worth living, when the sun has left the sky, and we walk through a grim, gray, cloudy time. But amidst this restless, rolling, raging sea we call life, there is a North Star, a fixed point in creation, a constant in the the presence of change, an abidingness where all else which is does not matter. Life can be radiant with hope. 

"We are all pilgrims on the road of life who have taken on the journey. We travel toward life’s home. The road of our lives curves by loneliness and dips through the valley of sorrow, the dark glen of betrayal and towns of doubt, but stay on the road. Life can be beautiful with all its succeeding stages and ages a glory, for we are strangers and pilgrims on the earth. Those who are on the journey will get home."

About Us

We are a Bible-centered fellowship of Christian believers who are led by God and guided by the Holy Spirit to follow sound Scriptural doctrine.

We pray that our website will be useful and informative for you to get to know who we are and what we believe.


We invite you to share in a Christian worship experience with us by visiting during our Sunday worship services.


For those seeking a permanent church home, we hope that you will consider St. Matthew as you make that important spiritual decision. Additionally, if you are temporarily in our community and need a “home away from home” place of worship, we offer a WatchCare program. Or, if you just want a family-oriented environment to worship and praise God, we extend a warm invitation to visit St. Matthew: 

A Fellowship of  Believers Where Everybody is Somebody and Christ is King!

Due to the global Coronavirus Pandemic and event size restrictions, St. Matthew will only have Virtual Worship Services until further notice.



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